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Leadership Team

Daniel Strause

President and CEO 

Abbi Linde

Director of Clinical Services

Rick Conner

Director of Pharmacy

At Hometown, we empower both our employees and our patients with the knowledge they need to make important healthcare decisions. The staff at Hometown is trained to know if a patient is on a medication that might deplete their bodies of key nutrients and suggest supplements that will help them feel better. We care about our patients’ wellness. Our pharmacists are committed to wellness and know that their job isn’t just to fill a prescription and send our patients on their way. Our pharmacists take pride in educating themselves in functional medicine which addresses the underlying causes of disease. We believe in educating our patients about their health and wellness, allowing them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Our Mission

Our mission for the Hometown Pharmacy Group is to be a leading edge pharmacy and complementary health care services provider. We value our customers and are committed to providing them with personal service, education, and convenience. We view our employees as partners and aim to create a stimulating environment where they want to work and grow. Our growth will be logical, diversified, and financially conservative to ensure our customers, employees, and stakeholders’ stability in the future.

Evolve Wellness Science Team

Hometown Pharmacy created a team of our top pharmacists and medical minds called our Evolve Wellness Science Team. The Science Team reviews every product for quality, effectiveness, and price before it goes on our shelves. We want to provide the best quality products for our patients at a price they can afford. The Science Team has also created programs for all Hometown Pharmacy pharmacists to implement and offer at our pharmacies across the state to help educate and empower our patients and evolve their health into wellness. We are pharmacists working to help you get OFF of your prescriptions and living a healthier, happier life through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. 

Our Mission

We at Evolve Wellness fundamentally believe all humans have a right to vibrant health. We exist to facilitate health through the prevention of disease and promotion of foundational health. We will achieve this mission through:

  • Investigation, evaluation and application of science.
  • Integration and coordination of diverse industry expertise.
  • Innovation through cutting-edge education and implementation.
  • Interdependence, recognizing that we are all connected and health requires community. 
  • Integrity, the state of being whole and complete, by honoring our commitments as practitioners, colleagues and neighbors.

Dr. J.J. Allen


Hometown's renewed focus to pro-active healthcare has reinvigorated me to dive back into the literature and make a change in my practice. I look to leverage a lifestyle modification rather than looking to medication to fix all health related issues.

Dr. Abbi Linde


I watched my patients getting sicker and sicker. I also witnessed my own health deteriorate as I had my two children and experienced extreme fatigue, headaches, and mood changes. This was a turning point that kicked off a journey that began with finding non toxic cleaning solutions.

Sean Casey


I realized that the best way to rehab an injury was to prevent the injury from developing in the first place. This realization formulated the foundation on which my career is now based around; a pro-active lifestyle approach to health and physical performance.


Dr. Kathy Campbell


My passion of science along with an understanding of how the human body works truly benefits my patients. I am passionate about managing health long term. I continue to utilize these tools today to successfully manage ongoing health and well-being,

Evolve Wellness

Hometown Pharmacy's Science Team is helping lead the way to the future of pharmacy.

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