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Lodi Hometown Pharmacy Gives Back!

Lodi Hometown sure had the giving spirit this season, but that is nothing new.  They are a team of dedicated, caring, genuine, hardworking individuals that go above and beyond, every single day!

How does this season come into play? It all started with a discussion as to what they could do for their community. They have had giving trees in the past as. well as food donations, but this year was a bit different with all the covid rules and hardships. They knew they would have to do something  different. They contacted Reach Out Lodi, a local community organization, and asked what they needed.  

So from that contact,  was born a giving tree “Personal Care Edition”.  They put up a festive tree with tags on it, listing items needed.  Customers could pick a tag off the tree and purchase the item at Hometown Pharmacy, or some other location, and put it in the donation bin in the Pharmacy. They received all kinds of donations from coats, hats, gloves, boots, underwear, toiletry items, personal care items and even cash.  They then collected all the items and presented them to Reach Out Lodi, a local organization that helps individuals and families in need, among other great community activities. Check out their website HERE. Or their Facebook page HERE.

But Lodi Hometown’s generosity didn’t stop there. Reach Out Lodi was also holding an Adopt a Family event.  Reach Out was going to collect funds, about $175.00, and shop for a family. 

So the staff at Lodi Hometown Pharmacy proceeded to donate a total of $630.00 to Reach Out Lodi. That means they were able to help many more families this Christmas and beyond.  Now….that means that these were quite generous donations from each individual.  There are about 10 full time and part time employees.  

So….kudos to you Lodi for taking the time, energy, and responsibility to people in need, in your community. ❤️


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