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2020 Fall & Home Decor Trends

Before you dig out your box of old fall decorations, read this article and learn how to freshen up your seasonal decor to make it look new and on trend for the 2020 fall season!

Are you like me, and have that Rubbermaid tote in the basement filled with all of your old seasonal decorations that only see the light of day for a couple of weeks out of the year? Or, if at all? 

Do you drag it out with remorse knowing that it always looks the same year after year? If that is the case, here are some ideas on how to incorporate the latest decor trends for this fall with your most beloved seasonal keepsakes.

Top Trends for 2020
What exactly is the big trend for 2020, you ask? Well, it actually isn’t just one decor style; it’s at least a few. If anything, 2020 seems to be about creating a calm environment, and re-using what you already have. Here are three home decor trends that were popular last year that are strong again this year with only the addition of some updated colors, patterns and textures.

• Scandinavian
• Modern Farmhouse
• Mid-Century Modern

If any of these three themes are prominent in your home, or even if you haven’t updated your look for a decade, you’re in luck! Just by adding some of the latest color trends, patterns and textures, a few of your beloved fall decorations, and a couple of new pieces, you can WOW your guests this fall with your updated look.


hygge [hue-gah] - Danish (n.) a calm and comfortable time with friends and family; an atmosphere of warmth, well-being and cosiness, enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

This white chair paired with the clay colored “home” pillow and neutral chevron throw creates a cozy sitting area to contemplate the hygge lifestyle.  The woven baskets filled with twine and burlap pumpkins are a simple way to make a fall statement in your home.

Whether you call it Scandinavian, Nordic, or the popular Danish word hygge, this minimal yet comfortable decor style has been a constant since the 1950’s.  It consists of simple decor made from unrefined materials, bleached wood, wicker and sheepskin.  The color palette of this style is typically VERY neutral, but the 2020 paint trend of warm colors has invaded this decor style.  No need to go painting all of your walls.  You can keep your soft neutrals and add the trendy and organic looking colors of caramel, cinnamon, and mocha with your blankets, pillows and other accessories to create an updated cozy atmosphere that will carry you through the fall and winter months.  

Decorating with stalks of wheat and grass is a simple way of adding fall floral to any decor style.  The clear vase and  neutral pillow with the throw are the perfect contrast to this Scandinavian style couch.

Modern Farmhouse

The ever-so-popular modern farmhouse style is still strong in 2020.  This decorating phenomenon that increased in popularity several years ago combines contemporary clean lines with charming rustic decor.  It’s key components of white shiplap walls, grey or neutral palettes, and rustic wood and metal furniture pieces create a cozy feel with a modern flare that helps to keep it from looking too country.

Adding these cute black and white plaid pumpkins, yellow sunflowers, and the contemporary lantern creates a fun fall look in this modern farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse style doesn’t necessarily have to be all gray, black and white.  The warmer color palettes have also invaded this design trend.  If you are looking to mix your more traditional fall decor in with your gray walls and industrial farmhouse furnishings, the fall colors work well to help liven the room.

Natural twig pumpkins, orange flowers and plaid pumpkins warm up the grays in this farmhouse dining room.

Mid-Century Modern

This post-World War II design style consists of sleek lines and organic shapes, much like the Scandanavian style, but with pops of color such as teal and orange.  The contemporary looking furniture with slim tapered legs and geometric shapes are also a trademark of this popular look.

The green vases along with the orange pumpkins add a nice pop of color to complement this mid-century modern dresser.  Also, simple wheat stalks help to soften the metal geometric lamp, and create a cozy feel.

Don’t be afraid to add traditional fall decor to your mid-century modern home!  As long as you keep the simple rule in mind that LESS is more.  Try to stay away from the tiny knick-knacks, and instead make a statement with simple pumpkins, fall leaves or understated floral.

Let nature inspire you... 

If you are feeling stuck, and aren’t quite sure how to begin decorating your home this fall season, try stepping outside and looking at how Mother Nature does it.  You would be amazed at how adding a simple branch with leaves to your mantle, or placing some gourds from the farmer’s market into a bowl can help to transform your home.  

Let the fall festivities begin!


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Posted by Jenny Fry
Jenny Fry
Jenny Fry is a gift buyer and merchandiser for Hometown Pharmacy and enjoys staying current on top trends for home decor & gifts. Stop by one of our stores and learn more about many locally sourced products!