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Gift Baskets

At your local Hometown Pharmacy we have a lot of fun and unique gift ideas for every friend or family member. One of my favorite ways to give a gift to that special someone is with a gift basket. A gift basket does not have to be overwhelming, you can make it simple and have fun finding special little things to add into the basket. Gift baskets are a simple way to personalize a gift to someone or a way to organize many smaller items into one gift. Gift baskets do not need to be added work or stress to put together. Let's go over a few simple ideas on ways to put together a gift basket for that special occasion.

Spa Gift Basket: Towel $5.99, Bath gel $11.99, body scrub $12.99, Exfoliating gloves $3.99, Nail brush $8.00

I find it easiest to start with a theme. It can be an object like wine, coffee, candy, or a passtime like relaxation, bath, sports, reading. Pictured above is a spa themed gift basket put together with various bath items from our stores, and below you will see a coffee themed gift basket perfect for a coffee lover in your life! Try a color theme by finding all items in that person's favorite color or scent. The options are endless but don't worry you can do it. Just think about that special someone you are gifting and think of their favorite, food, color, pastime etc. and you will be on your way to making a special and personal gift.

Coffee Gift Basket: Dark roast $12.99, Mug $14.99, Sign $11.99, Chocolates $7.99, Kitchen towel $7.99

Now that you have your theme let's look for what we want to put these items in. A basket or box always works, trying to find a fun and unique basket or box to add to the look of your gift. However I think it is fun to find something that goes with the theme that can be used in a new way to hold the items. A dump truck for a little boy, a colander for a cooking basket, 5 gallon bucket for tools or car wash supplies, a laundry basket for a college student or gifting someone new towels, planter for flowers or gardening utensils. Even a coffee mug with coffee and gift cards is a great way to make a small basket. You will be surprised with all the fun things you can find to put items in to make a fun basket.

Let's start filling the basket. This can get tricky but there a couple easy tips to help you make your gift basket look full and neat along with showing off all of the fun items you have found to put into your basket. I like to start with tissue paper, paper shreds or something similar to fill in the bottom of the basket. Next fill in the basket with larger items, now add those smaller items tucking in tissue paper around the items to help hold them in place. As you can see in the photo below, if you are doing a cooking theme or spa theme you can use dish cloths or wash rags and towels instead of tissue paper. If making a baby basket use a blanket or burp cloths. Stacking the items in the basket with larger items towards the back and smaller in the front. Another trick is using double sided tape to help hold items in place. Once you have everything in place use your tissue paper, shreds, towels or whatever you want to stuff in all the empty spaces. Tie a bow around your package and you are done. No wrapping or trying to find that right size gift bag. Large cellophane bags can be found to put your gift basket in but I do not find them necessary.

Kitchen Gift Basket: Hometown cookbook $10.00, Dip mix $4.99, Kitchen towel $9.99

At your local Hometown Pharmacy we carry many fun and unique ideas to help you make the perfect gift basket, I will list some fun gift basket ideas below to help get your creative juices flowing and hopefully find a basket idea that helps you put something together for the perfect gift.

Journaling: journals, notebooks, pens, thank you cards, candle, blanket, stamps, chocolates

Feel Better: magazines, chicken soup, tea, chapstick, water bottle, cozy socks, heating pad, essential oils, vitamins, lotion

Coffee or Tea: Mug, coffee or tea, creamer, travel mug, honey, flavor syrups, gift card, coffee kitchen towel

Wine: wine glasses, wine travel cups, favorite bottles of wine, wine towels, wine box signs, cork holder, wine bottle opener, chocolates, crackers

Bloody Mary: glasses, olives, bloody mary mix, pickled vegetables, cheese, beef sticks

Favorite Treats: a gift basket filled with all of their favorites from candy, chips, nuts, crackers etc.

Movie Night: popcorn, candy, favorite movie or movie gift certificate, soda, wine or beer

Icecream Lovers: gift certificate to local ice cream parlor, caramel, chocolate, nuts, whipped toppings, cookies, candy pieces, cherries, ice cream scoop, bowls

Smores/Camping: fire sticks, chocolate, marshmallows, fire starters, graham crackers, cooler, hand wipes, reese's peanut butter cups

Reading: book, cozy slippers or socks, magazine, cozy blanket. candle

Spa/ Bath: bath bombs, head towel/wrap, towel, magazine, candle, robe, bath salts, bubble bath, book, essential oils, diffusers

Naturals: Hometown carries many items in this area from soaps, lotions, face care, make up, shampoos, cleaning supplies

Favorite Scents: find items from candles, lotions, soaps even the flowers themselves in their favorite scent

Baby: blankets, wipes, natural soaps & lotions, books, toys

Food: we carry many speciality food items for the perfect unique food items. 

Kitchen: towels, utensils, natural cleaning products, recipe book, pot holders, oven mitts, apron

Grilling: spices & rubs, tongs, oven mitt, lighter, sauces

These are just a few options as the ideas are endless. Have fun with putting together your gift basket. A personalized gift is always the best gift to receive so just remember that when you are putting together your special gift. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to stop into your nearest Hometown Pharmacy and we will help get you started putting together your own unique gift basket!

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Posted by Stephanie Hollander
Stephanie Hollander
Stephanie Hollander is a gift buyer and merchandiser for Hometown Pharmacy and enjoys helping customers find home decor items that can service multiple purposes like organizating! Stop by one of our stores and learn more about our many locally sourced products!