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Outdoor Living

A trend that has gained momentum over the past year has been to give new life to our decks and patios, and to redefine that area as part of our home’s living space. The patio is the perfect place to enjoy nature, soak up some vitamin D, and destress after a long day.  Gone are the days of the scarcely used patios with a lonely picnic table. Families today are beginning to use this space as their “living room”. We have discovered that we have this untapped resource of “extra square footage” that can be used throughout much of the year. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when planning your outdoor area.

Defining Your Space

When creating an outdoor living space, you first need to consider how you would like this area to be used. Are you looking for a place to entertain? Will you be cooking and enjoying a meal? Would you like an area to read a book, or practice yoga? A major consideration that will play in effect is the amount of sunlight you get on your patio or deck. If it is hot and sunny there all day, an umbrella or pergola may be necessary to provide some shade in order to enjoy your area. Does your patio face east where you watch the sunrise while enjoying your morning coffee? Or, is it the sunset that you experience while sipping a glass of wine?  

Designing Your Space    

Treat this area like a room in your house when you are creating it. Decide on a look or color theme, and think about design styles that will compliment the outside of your home. When you have an idea of what options you are hoping this space will provide, you can begin looking for the furniture pieces that will fit your needs and your style. There are so many more options for outdoor furniture than in previous years. They make sofas and chairs with cushions that are waterproof and fade resistant, long farmhouse style tables that make your deck look like a dining room, and colorful Adirondack chairs with ottomans perfect for lounging by the fire. If you are feeling creative or are on a budget, repurposing a table and chairs, or other pieces of furniture with some outdoor paint is a great way to freshen up your area and make it unique.

Personal Touches

Now that you have all of your large pieces of furniture considered, the fun can begin! Adding your own personal touches to your new living space is a great way to show off your personal style. Outdoor pillows will soften the space and add color. Leave a blanket or two draped on a chair or in a basket for your guests to wrap themselves in on a chilly night. Lanterns placed on a coffee table or a side table creates a warm glow and also provides light without having to turn an outside light on. (Tip: Try using battery operated lights in your lanterns so they won’t blow out from the wind.) Change out your decor seasonally by adding some fun holiday themed box signs, pillows and flowers.  

Once you have transformed your deck or patio into a comfy gathering place, your family and guests will never want to go inside!

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Posted by Jenny Fry
Jenny Fry
Jenny Fry is a gift buyer and merchandiser for Hometown Pharmacy and enjoys staying current on top trends for home decor & gifts. Stop by one of our stores and learn more about many locally sourced products!