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Keep. Things. Simple.

Welcome to Four Core Friday! Every Friday, we share four things that you can start incorporating in your life TODAY that will help you start living a healthy lifestyle! We give tips on each of our FOUR CORE HEALTH PRINCIPLES: Movement, Sleep, Nutrition, and Relaxation.

Be sure to tune in every Friday for simple, yet effective tips that may help you take control of your health and wellness. Read More Below!

Take The Stairs

We know that you've heard it before, but choosing to take the stairs oppose from elevators and escalators will always be a great way to incorporate more steps and movement into your daily routine!

Block Your Clock

Do you glance at the clock or your phone several times a night? Doing so can make your mind race with thoughts about the day to come, which can keep you awake!

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

This is another one that you probably hear every single day. However, most of us need a little reminder to nix the sugar! Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in the modern diet and may cause numerous health issues.

Crank The Tunes!

Playing music can be a great way to help relieve stress and promote relaxation! Music therapy is growing in popularity due to its direct impact on ones daily stress levels! Music has the power to take you back and vision some of the best memories of your life!  

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Posted by Tyler Congemi
Tyler Congemi
Tyler works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department as the Digital Media Manager and enjoys spreading factual content that can help individuals make positive strides towards their health! Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!