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Happy Friday! What Are You Grilling This Weekend?

Welcome to Four Core Friday! As the temperatures rise and the seasons change, it’s officially National BBQ month! Every Friday, we send out a short e-mail that highlights four things that you can start incorporating in your life TODAY that will help you start living a healthy lifestyle!

We give tips on each of our FOUR CORE HEALTH PRINCIPLES: Movement, Sleep, Nutrition, and Relaxation. Be sure to tune in every Friday for simple, yet effective tips that will help you start to take control of your health and wellness. Read More Below!

Get Active In The Water!

One of the most important ways to stay active is to make it enjoyable! What is more enjoyable than time spent on the water!? Activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and wakeboarding are super fun ways to stay active this summer!

Get Some Sun!

With the temperature warming up and the increase in sunshine, there is a great opportunity to spend more time outside! This helps your body stay at work throughout the day while making it easier to to fall asleep at night due to the amount of energy burned while outside!

Be Aware Of The Sides!

It may be National Grilling Month, when going through the food line to fill your plate, try and limit the amount of sides you pile on! Other than fruits and veggies, sides at a barbecue are generally the highest in calories! Try and fill your plate with lean protein as well as fresh fruits and veggies this summer!

Take Advantage Of Long Weekends!

Long summer weekends provided a great opportunity to unwind a bit and spend time with loved ones. The day-to-day grind can prove to bring high stress to the average person and it is important to reset and relax once in a while! Most importantly, be sure to take time for yourself and focus on your mental health! 

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Posted by Tyler Congemi
Tyler Congemi
Tyler works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department as the Digital Media Manager and enjoys spreading factual content that can help individuals make positive strides towards their health! Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!