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Men's Health; Products All Men Should Know About

November is Men’s Health Month and we’d like to share with you some of our favorite products to aid in the health of you and your loved ones. I’m Sarah Bartel, pharmacist at Algoma and Kewanukee Hometown Pharmacies. We get questions regularly asking how men can proactively work on being healthier. We decided to put together baskets of top products you’ll need! Feel free to visit a Hometown pharmacy near you at any time throughout the year to learn more about these products and get help customizing a basket for you or the men you love. Here are some of our favorite products to support men's daily health:

Heart Health

Men want to take steps to protect their heart health, proactively and/or along with Rx medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. If I could recommend just one supplement for men's heart health, it would be a good quality Omega-3 (fish oil) supplement. Omega-3s are good for your lipid levels (cholesterol and artery blockage risk). Plus, they help with inflammation, eye health, and brain function. I recommend Ortho Molecular Fish Oil Supplements.


My go-to tip for naturally better sleep is Magnesium at supper or with a bedtime snack. It can help you relax and prevent nighttime cramps. I recommend Hometown Pharmacy's exclusive product: Evolve Wellness Magnesium Glycinate.

For someone having trouble sleeping due to shift work or travel, try melatonin about 20 minutes before bed. Our exclusive line, Evolve Wellness, also have a product called Evolve Sleep that contains a blend of both magnesium and melatonin and is another great product to aid in sleep!

CBD products can also help with sleep, especially if you are having stress, anxiety, or pain. We are coming out with a line of CBD too so stay tuned!


My first recommendation for Energy support is Ortho Molecular CoQ10 since it is key to energy production. After we hit 40, our natural levels of CoQ10 fall and medications, like statins for cholesterol, can further deplete CoQ10.  

If you are taking metformin for diabetes or regularly consuming alcohol, I would recommend adding a good B vitamin or multivitamin. My favorites include Orthomolecular's Methyl B Complex, Mitocore, or AlphaBase.

Pain & Joint Concerns

The 3 main questions that I get about pain and joints typically include concerns of:

1. General Joint Health and Flexibility: Preventing discomfort related to age and activity 

2. Inflammation and Arthritis: Safer alternatives to NSAIDs or prescription medication

3. Nerve Pain: Something to try before seeing a provider, or to complement your current pain therapy

First, make sure you are taking enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for most of our bodies systems, including bone health and pain tolerance. Evolve Wellness Vitamin D3+K2 is a great option. 

Our pharmacists are always happy to recommend other options that may work for you too. These include things like topical products, natural anti-inflammatories, like turmeric, or pain relievers like glucosamine, or natural products that target the nerves like CBD or capsaicin. Also, if you want to give your joints and muscles some extra nutrition, try collagen!

Talk to your pharmacist today to learn which ones will work best for you!

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Posted by Sarah Bartel
Sarah Bartel
Sarah Bartel
Pharmacist & Partner: Algoma Hometown Pharmacy and Kewaunee Hometown Pharmacy

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