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January Tip the Scale Recipients

Our monthly Tip The Scale Award recognizes Hometown Pharmacy employees that go the extra mile in serving our communities. Patients, customers, and fellow coworkers can nominate employees that they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the Tip The Scale Nomination Form on our website. Each month, we choose 2 employees to feature; an employee nominated by a coworker, and an employee nominated by a customer and/or patient.

Our first recipient this month is Iver Jacobson. Iver works at Hometown Pharmacy in Kimberly, Wisconsin and delivers prescriptions to patients in town. His customer nomination was very heartfelt and read: 

"My mother is 91 and very hard of hearing. Everyone at Hometown treats her great and with dignity. I’ve never met the gentleman (Iver) who delivers her meds, but my mother speaks very highly of him, he doesn’t just drop off her meds and leave, he will have a conversation with her, which she enjoys. My sister passed away, and my mother was pretty depressed, she said he knew right away something wasn’t right. She said he listened and genuinely cared...He’s a hero!!"

Iver was touched by the nomination. He started delivering for Hometown Pharmacy after he retired as something to do with his free/spare time. He once delivered a package to a customer that told him, "You're the first person I've talked to in weeks." And that really struck him and stayed with him.

"Whether we talk about the weather, the Packers, or if they want to discuss anything else, I'm going to listen and have the conversations they need to have. And just knowing that maybe I helped someone that day with something more than just getting their medicine makes it worthwhile."

Iver is a great example of living by our motto, "Our Family Caring for Your Family." Our customers and patients are more than just a number or prescription. We care about you and want to make sure you're taken care of.

Thank you, Iver, for being an example of an exemplary Hometown Pharmacy employee. 

Our second recipient this month is not one person, but rather the entire team at Watertown Hometown Pharmacy in Watertown, Wisconsin! (Not all employees are shown in above photo). The employee nomination read:

"Over the past few years (the last couple of months in particular), I've interacted with a lot of people from the Watertown area and everyone has something positive to say about their experiences at the Hometown Pharmacy. I work part-time at the hospital in Watertown and as soon as Hometown comes up, people light up and have a story about how Jason and the staff have helped them or their family. Always proud to be associated with that team!"

Watertown Hometown Pharmacy's part-owner and lead pharmacist, Jason Schwager, tells us, "It's very rewarding to be a part of the Watertown community.  We know the far majority of our patients by name which makes what we do much more special to us."

Jason said he loves being a Hometown pharmacist because he has time to get involved in patient's healthcare and be a part of their lives. He finds it especially rewarding to help improve someone's well being through proactive healthcare. He went on to say, " It's hard to believe that I've been a pharmacist in Watertown for half my life now (if you're doing the math, I started as a pharmacist at age 13). Where does the time go? I relish the bonds and connections I have made over the years."

The Watertown team and Iver received commemorative pins to wear proudly at the pharmacy when serving patients, a certificate to display, and a gift of appreciation. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work serving your communities.

Who will we feature next month? Help us decide! Nominate an employee that has helped you and your loved ones by submitting a Tip The Scale Nomination on our website. Click the button below!

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