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May Tip The Scale Recipients

Our monthly Tip The Scale Award recognizes Hometown Pharmacy employees that go the extra mile in serving our communities. Patients, customers, and fellow coworkers can nominate employees that they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the Nomination Form on our website. Each month, we choose 2 employees to feature; an employee nominated by a coworker, and an employee nominated by a customer and/or patient.

Our first recipient this month is Dawn Eskola. Dawn works in the front-end boutique at Waunakee Hometown Pharmacy in Waunakee, WI. She was nominated by a customer that said,

"Dawn is amazing - her warm smile when you walk through the door makes you feel welcome. She is very helpful, knows the merchandise, and always has great suggestions...she is my personal gift shopper. Dawn always lets me know about upcoming happenings at Hometown. Business have lost that special small hometown feeling, but with Dawn, you feel something special when you walk in the door. Thank you Dawn for all you do. You’re a very special lady."

We awarded Dawn a Tip the Scale Certificate, pin, and gift card for her wonderful customer service skills. Upon receiving these, Dawn reflected, 

"I love working at Hometown Pharmacy because it has a real family feeling to it, and I enjoy working with the great team we have. I really enjoy helping and getting to know our customers on a personal level. I love making their day brighter. The smiles on their faces truly are one of the best rewards you can receive. We have wonderful customers and I enjoy being a part of their day. Hometown allows me to do this every day and I really appreciate that."

Thank you Dawn for your work in the Waunakee community and bringing a smile to your customers' faces.

Our second recipient this month is Kim Shumaker! Kim is the pharmacist at Oregon Hometown Pharmacy in Oregon, Wi. She was nominated by a fellow employee that said,

"Kim's response towards a patient having an allergic reaction to her COVID vaccination is the heart of what Hometown Pharmacy is all about. Kim's actions stem from her compassion for her patients...Her story is a good reminder of why we are loyal employees of Hometown - we love our communities and our patients. Thank you, Kim! We are proud of you!"

When we told Kim that she received this nomination, she said, "While I am so honored to be nominated for this recognition by a colleague, it is even 100 times more rewarding to experience the appreciation I receive from patients I take care of every day!

Pharmacists working for large chain drug stores may feel pressure to meet quotas on prescriptions filled. My career at Hometown has allowed me to help patients achieve the best outcomes for their health. Sometimes this includes education on disease process, minimizing medication side effects due to nutrient depletion or suggesting more affordable options.  Other times it’s just a conversation about life-style changes or improved nutrition to prevent the need for prescription drugs down the road. 

I am fortunate to work with such a dedicated team in Oregon and for all the educational support Hometown has provided to offer so much more than just prescription medication."

We awarded Kim a Tip the Scale Certificate, pin, and gift card for her quick action at the pharmacy and ongoing support for her customers.

Who will we feature next month? Help us decide! Nominate an employee that has helped you and your loved ones by submitting a Tip The Scale Nomination on our website. Click the button below!

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Posted by Katelyn Lee
Katelyn Lee
Katelyn works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department and enjoys the employee engagement and community outreach portions of her role. Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!