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October Tip The Scale Recipients

Our monthly Tip The Scale Award recognizes Hometown Pharmacy employees that go the extra mile in serving our communities. Patients, customers, and fellow coworkers can nominate employees that they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the Tip The Scale Nomination Form on our website. Each month, we choose 2 employees to feature; an employee nominated by a coworker, and an employee nominated by a customer and/or patient.

This month’s recipients are special because they are the first two to receive this award! We were pleased to have so many wonderful nominations to choose from and are looking forward to recognizing even more employees in the months to come! 

Our first recipient is Adehlia Thorpe! Adehlia works at Wilz Hometown Pharmacy in Portage, Wisconsin. She is the Front End Manager and has been with Hometown since 2019. Larry Crowley is the pharmacist at Wilz and nominated Adehlia for this recognition. He said, “We had an elderly female patient in the pharmacy walking up to the front check-out counter. Adehlia noticed she wasn’t feeling well and asked her if she could help. During the conversation, the patient started to have a seizure. Adehlia caught her before she hit the floor and assisted her to the floor to prevent serious injury if she would have fallen.”

As a thank you for her quick response and care, we presented Adehlia with our first Tip The Scale award including a certificate, commemorative pin to wear proudly at the pharmacy, and a Visa gift card. Adehlia  said, “I am very humbled by this! I also LOVE that I am part of a team that works together and functions more like a family; than co-workers. Thanks for this honor!”

She also says that she loves working for Hometown Pharmacy because, “It allows me to help serve our guests with whatever their needs may be. Whether it is a gift needed for a special someone, a prescription needed for someone feeling under the weather, or a guest looking for a great way to boost their immune system during these trying times, I LOVE that we are available to help answer their questions and guide them towards an answer.”

Thank you, Adehlia, for your commitment to the community of Portage! 

Our second recipient is Gary Bongey! Gary is the Pharmacist at Verona Hometown Pharmacy in Verona, Wisconsin. He has been with the team since 2004 - showing just how truly dedicated he is to his profession and serving patients. Long time patient Cheryl Andree nominated Gary for this award because of the continuous care he gives to her father.

Cheryl says, “My elderly father has been using Verona Hometown Pharmacy for years and Gary has been exceptional in helping him by informing him about his medication, helping him keep track of his medications, helping him with forms, delivery if need be. Today I took my 93 year-old dad to the pharmacy for a flu shot. Gary offered to come to the car to give him his injection because he knows how hard it is for my dad to get around. I am so thankful for Gary's ever watchful eye on my dad’s needs. He is amazing!!”

This is just one recent experience highlighting Gary’s 16 years at Hometown where he’s helped countless patients of varying ages and stages of life. We honored him for his commitment to serving Verona's community with a certificate, commemorative pin, and a Visa gift card.

Gary says, “I love working for Hometown Pharmacy because they help me be the best pharmacist I can be. By offering cutting edge clinical services they allow me to take the best care possible of the customers that are kind enough to walk through our doors. There is not a week that goes by that I am not grateful for the opportunity to be in this store taking care of people who care about me.”

Thank you, Gary, here's to 16 more years of being an integral role in the healthcare industry.

Who will we feature next month? Help us decide! Nominate an employee that has helped you and your loved ones by submitting a Tip The Scale Nomination on our website. Click the button below!

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Posted by Katelyn Lee
Katelyn Lee
Katelyn works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department and enjoys the employee engagement and community outreach portions of her role. Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!