The Foundational Six

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Nutrient deficiencies exist in a substantial portion of the US and may be caused by poor nutrient levels in the soil, food transport storage methods, and food processing techniques. Deficiencies can be also be caused by highly processed and refined foods, food additives, alcohol consumption, smoking, high stress levels and medications. Many people believe that taking just any brand of supplement or vitamin will help them, but in fact most brands do very little to improve their health. Choosing a quality, efficacious product can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Our pharmacists are proactive when it comes to patient health and if they see that you are on a medication that causes a nutrient deficiency and/or have symptoms that may be improved by making changes to your diet, they will make recommendations to replenish those deficiencies as quickly and easily as possible to help you feel better. This might by in the form of a Vitamin or supplement. There are six supplements that our pharmacists recommend that patients are often deficient in or that will improve and support overall health. We call these our Foundational Six.