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Back To School Round Up Results!

With the 2020 school year in full effect, education processes are continuously changing due to COVID-19. One thing that will never change is the need to support our local school systems to ensure that they are able to provide the best learning experience possible for children, no matter what that experience may look like.

On August 10th, Hometown Pharmacy locations began our Back to School "Round Up" Initiative to give back to their local school systems! Each location gave their customers the opportunity to "round up" to the nearest dollar when checking out with our cashiers. The total round up amounts were collected through September and the stores were able to present their total donations to their local school school systems.

This year, Hometown Pharmacy was able to donate over $8,000 to local school school systems when we are fortunate enough to be a part of the community. 

Hometown Pharmacy is more than just a pharmacy. Our pharmacists live in the communities they serve. They know their  patients by name and strive to provide them the best care imaginable. We  take a pro-active approach to healthcare by teaching our patients to make time for their health now so they don't have to make time for disease later. We also work to get patients off of their prescriptions through lifestyle changes, healthy alternatives, etc. We want to see our  patients healthy and living their best lives. If you're pharmacy is only filling your prescriptions and not working to get you better  stop into a Hometown Pharmacy today and experience the difference.

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