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Hometown supports Charity Founded by Our Very Own James Karnau

In the chilly month of November, Hometown partnered with Second Chance Heroes to bring some warmth to the homeless community. Their efforts extended beyond merely assembling necessities for a backpack drive that contributed to filling 100 backpacks; they also successfully gathered and contributed a collective donation of $2338.75, adding a monetary boost to their heartfelt initiative.

Second Chance Heroes Mission

“In collaboration with area shelters, we will help homeless men and women take the steps needed to enlist in the United States military. We will ensure safe living conditions, clothing, and daily necessities for our candidates. They'll undergo medical and psychiatric evaluations, and we'll help them secure a high school diploma or GED/HSED if needed. We provide study materials for the ASVAB test and assist with fitness preparation, including gym membership and personal training. Enlistment in their chosen branch is the final step. If any issues arise preventing enlistment, we'll aid in job and housing searches. Second Chance Heroes, Inc. also supports young adults from foster care and the homeless in enlistment.”

To learn more about second chance heroes or to donate directly click below!

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Posted by Genevieve Sajdak
Genevieve Sajdak
Genevieve Sajdak is the Executive Liaison and Marketing Coordinator for Hometown Pharmacy.  Did you know that your medications could potentially deplete vital nutrients? Visit one of our locations and have an insightful conversation with our expert pharmacists. They'll provide valuable information that can help enhance your well-being. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your health!