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After the Tree Comes Down

The Holidays Are Over…Now What?

The Christmas tree is taken down and the stockings are no longer hanging on the mantle.  The cheery Santas, reindeer, and nutcrackers are stashed away until next year.  The house seems so bare!  Putting away the holiday decorations always seems like such a chore.  Carefully dismantling the tree, packing up each ornament and knick-knack, then reorganizing everything so it is ready for next year can be exhausting!  It is a good idea to clean and declutter after Christmas, but it is hard not to take in the recently tidied up surroundings and feel like it looks a bit cold and empty.  To remedy this feeling, you may be inclined to grab for the bunnies, tulips, and spring décor to liven up the room.  NOT SO FAST!  If you happen to live in the midwest it’s likely you will have at least another three months of winter.  And, why rush the season? The beauty of a winter is undeniable, and you can recreate some of that winter wonderland in your home while keeping it cozy and inviting.  Here’s how!

Why The Rush?

First of all, what’s the hurry?  Okay, if you happen to have a real tree that has been up so long it is about to spontaneously combust right there in your living room, you should probably dispose of it.  But if your tree happens to still be healthy, or if you have an artificial tree, what’s the harm in enjoying it a while longer?  When you take off all the Christmas ornaments and garlands you are left with a lovely winter scene right in your home.  The soft glow of the lights will help to warm the room and give the space a lovely focal point. If you would rather just take the entire tree down, try using smaller trees or potted greenery to give you the same effect on a smaller scale.  

Take A Bough! 

Using fresh cut evergreen branches is an easy way to bring the outdoors in. Sticking them around your home in containers will help to liven the room. It also smells great! They can last up to four weeks in a container if you soak them in cold water before you use them, then spritz them with water once a week. You can also spray them with an anti-desiccant spray that you can find at your local greenhouse.

Imitation Is The Greatest Compliment 

If the hassle of real boughs is not for you, try using artificial greenery. You won’t have the smell of the pine, but you also won’t have to worry about the needles dropping. Then you can use it again year after year!

(Pictured Left: Winter greenery with copper bells at Hartland Hometown Pharmacy in Hartland, Wisconsin)

 Mix It Up.

Using an array of different greens in your winter bouquets and wreaths is a great way to add some lovely texture and color to your home. Try adding greens with various needle lengths, pinecones, and other plants such as eucalyptus

This winter display contains all things cozy.  The mixed greenery in the clay pot helps create a winter scene inside, while the aqua chair, soft fur blanket, and knitted pillow entices you to curl up with a warm cup of coffee.  Also, those cute gnomes add  a bit of whimsy to the room!

(Pictured Left: Mixed winter greenery and decor found at Lancaster Hometown Pharmacy in Lancaster, Wisconsin)

Candles, Candles, &  More Candles!

What better way to induce calm and well-being into your home than lighting a candle? The warm gentle glow that a candle emits is soothing to the senses. If you are looking to embrace the hygge lifestyle after the hustle of the holidays, decorating with candles is the perfect approach. Also, a scented candle can give you the added benefit of aromatherapy which can help to alleviate the winter blues.

Try these different candle scents in your home for some healing aromatherapy during the winter months: 

Energizing & Mood Lifting:
Orange, Cinnamon, Peppermint

Relaxation & Sleep
Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood

Layers of Comfort

Nothing is more inviting on a cold winter day than a comfy chair with a pillow and soft blanket draped across.  Layering an assortment of pillows and blankets with warm neutral colors and textures that complement each other is a great way to add a soft cozy feel to your living room.  There are so many textures, prints and shapes of pillows, and it is perfectly okay to mix and match as long as they are complementary to each other and your style.  Try mixing plaids, solids, and materials to create a fun and interesting look.  

This winter owl pillow propped up in the leather chair, along with the deer pillow and knitted blanket, brings a peaceful nature scene inside.  It could be the perfect complement to a cabin themed home or den.

(Nature-themed decor from Waunakee Hometown Pharmacy in Waunakee, Wisconsin)

If modern farmhouse is your style, toss some black, white, and grey pillows and blankets onto your sofa.  There are so many styles and textures to choose from, such as plaid, Moroccan, and even macrame.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match!   Placing winter evergreens throughout your grey farmhouse themed home will be just the thing to create a cozy “winter on the farm” feel.

(Pictured Left:  “Let’s Stay Home” farmhouse decor from Rhinelander Hometown Pharmacy in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  Pictured Right:  Black snowflake and striped pillows set on a farmhouse chair at DeForest Hometown Pharmacy in DeForest, Wisconsin.)

Embrace the Winter Season

Just because the holidays have come to an end, winter is just beginning!  And, while you certainly may want to pack up your holiday decorations, you might want to reconsider tucking away the winter decor that can help your home feel comfy and welcoming.  So leave out the things that are soft, such as winter themed pillows and blankets, candles that have a warm glow and relaxing scent, and greenery that reminds us of the beauty of the season.

(Pictured Left: Winter scene display found at DeForest Hometown Pharmacy in DeForest, Wisconsin)

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Jenny Fry
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