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Halloween Decor and Festive Eats

Are you one of those that love Halloween more than any other holiday?  Well….this article is for you.   The Pandemic will not deter us from having our fun.  You probably already have ideas all ready and a party planned….but consider these Halloween decor and food selections made just for you.

What a wonderful time of year with the beautiful Fall colors, pumpkins, pumpkin spice, apple cider, spooky ghouls and hay rides.  Well….what about decorating for Halloween?  Are you having a Halloween party for perhaps your children or maybe an adult get-together? You’ll need some spooky, scrumptious morsels and some showy decor to share with your guests no matter what the age.  Here are some ideas for you!

Decor, inside and out!!

When it comes to decorating for Halloween, anything goes according to your imagination and your taste.  I’ve seen the gamut from dark and scary to whimsical and cutesy.  Going around to look at the Halloween decorations is just as fun as looking at Christmas lights.  Some communities even have contests….you want to win, don’t you?

So….what are today’s trends? These ideas may not be in your wheelhouse, but according to these are right on point.  

Modern black

Black is always a decor choice for Halloween but this year it has taken on a new trend. Using matte black objects and bringing in black decor pieces will make your display pop. You can also add black non-Halloween items to give your space a haunted feel. Swap for black throw blankets or pillow covers for a quick and easy, but subtle, Halloween update.

Photo Credit: Finding Home

Photo Credit: HGTV


Metallic paint instantly makes ordinary items feel higher end. You can actually get inexpensive Halloween accessories like plastic bugs or pumpkins and spray paint them for a higher end look.

Photo Credit: Frosted Moms

Photo Credit: Frosted Mom

Ancient artifacts... real or not!

Ancient relics are having a moment in decor and they honestly fit great in with spooky holiday decor. This could be something as significant as a garden Roman bust or a clay pot.  Currently, warm toned metallics – like brass, gold, or bronze – are trending. Go with a matte finish for a modern look. Make them feel spookier by draping them with black fabric or spider webbing or perching a tiny little black faux spider on top!

Natural elements

Natural wood elements are really on trend right now. This involves a lot of raw wood tones. To get this as a spooky look, consider bringing in raw wood branches with a creepy, curvy look. Place them in a black vase and consider adding a little spider webbing to really give it Halloween vibes.

Handcrafted touches

Handcrafted is really on trend, so look for anything handmade to incorporate in your decor. Search on Etsy or at local craft fairs for the perfect artisan touch!  Purewow, a women’s lifestyle publisher, says felt Halloween items are in this year, especially garland.

Anatomical accessories

Anatomical art is popular, and I think it has always been to a few, but it’s gaining steam with the mainstream…. which is why it would be perfect for you to make a collage of them for your gallery art or display parts for a macabre feeling.  

For the most modern look, look for simple black and white prints with clean lines. Get as medical – or as spooky – as you’d like!

Vintage & retro details

Retro vibes are really hot right now. Consider crawling eBay for some vintage halloween decor to display! You can also find vintage looking pieces at current stores. Look for pastel colors for a modern retro look.

Photo credit: Etsy

Photo credit: Lil' Luna

Purewow, a women’s lifestyle publisher, has researched categories that are fun, festive and on point this year.  They gathered data from Pinterest and Google and narrowed it down.   They found Felted objects like pumpkins and garland are popular, Witchcore such as motifs with crystals, frogs, owls, bats, and potions are on trend, larger than life yard displays, contemporary home decor with warm natural woods and a harvest market feel and…..trees, like Christmas trees only black and orange bottle brush and retro ceramic styles...decorated with bats, purple, orange and green baubles, and spiders.

Halloween Food to “die” for!

Oh my gosh, there is so much out there for you to choose from in regards to entertaining.  Another area of creativity and imagination comes in.  Beverages, appetizers, desserts, you name it, there are ideas out there.  And some of them are very healthy…..but then again, do you really want to be healthy at Halloween?  It’s all about the candy afterall.  

Graveyard Dirt Cake, Wind and Willow Spiced orange and chocolate cheese ball and dip.

Brain Food: A Spooky Recipe This recipe calls for making separate brains.  I would make one big one or a couple big ones with different crackers, chips or veggies.

Double Chocolate Torte, Stonewall Kitchen Dark Chocolate Torte mix and Bourbon Bada Bing Cherries.

Halloween Charcuterie Board

In keeping with colors and feels that are all things Halloween, suggestions for your board.

Use cheeses with blues and purples in them if you can find them.  This one has a merlot cheddar, blueberry chevre (goat), brie(with pumpkin on it), (you could also make a spiderweb on the brie), and a green goddess gouda.  For meats, you can see they are ribboned in prosciutto di parma and dry salame.  Sauces include pesto, honey, and apricot preserves.  For fruit, dark grapes, apricots, strawberries, figs, blueberries, blackberries.  They made it festive by putting a purchased skeleton hand and some eyeballs.  Also some black gauze to layer underneath.  From the The sky's the limit.  Use your imagination and creativity to make your own spooky charcuterie.  

Just a few ideas for you as you really get into the Halloween spirit.  Have fun, stay safe and happy haunting.

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Julie Adams
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