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Hometown Pharmacy Is MORE Than Just An Independent Pharmacy

Many of our pharmacists live in the communities they serve. They know their patients by name and strive to provide them the best care imaginable. We take a pro-active approach to healthcare by teaching our patients to make time for their health now so they don't have to make time for disease later. We also work to get patients off of their prescriptions through lifestyle changes, nutritional programs, supplementation, sleep & stress recommendation, and more. We want to see our patients healthy and living their best lives. If your pharmacy is only filling your prescriptions and is not working to get you better - stop into a Hometown Pharmacy today and experience the difference. Our Family Caring for Your Family.

The Hometown Difference

When you walk through the doors of a Hometown Pharmacy, you can feel the difference. At Hometown, we pride ourselves on our welcoming atmosphere that invites our visitors to meander through our stores and enjoy the experience of a small, hometown boutique gift shop and pharmacy. 

Hometown pharmacists have a passion for independent, community pharmacy and helping patients feel better. Our knowledge of functional medicine and pro-active health care sets us apart from other pharmacies. We collaborate with other healthcare professionals across the United States to bring you the most comprehensive healthcare possible.

At Hometown, we educate you on your health and empower you with knowledge to make the best decisions about your healthcare and we help you evolve your health into wellness.

Hometown Cares

At Hometown, our employees and partners live and are involved in the communities they serve. You will see them out at health fairs, assisted living facilities, the local YMCA, schools and many other events supporting and educating community members on their health and encouraging wellness. 

Hometown pharmacists and health coaches have many programs to improve our patients’ health from diabetes support to weight management to a total health and wellness program, which helps our patients improve quality of life including sleep, stress levels, nutrition and movement. 

As independent pharmacies, Hometown Pharmacy understands the importance of supporting local businesses and organizations. We sponsor many high school sports teams, the arts, community and church events and donate to many causes, locally and on a corporate level. 

Hometown Pharmacy would not thrive without our communities and their support.

The Hometown Family

At Hometown, we empower both our employees and our patients with the knowledge they need to make important healthcare decisions. The staff at Hometown is trained to know if a patient is on medication that might deplete their bodies of key nutrients and suggest supplements that will help them feel better. We care about our patients’ wellness.

Our pharmacists are committed to wellness and know that their job isn’t just to fill a prescription and send our patients on their way. Our pharmacists take pride in educating themselves in functional medicine which addresses the underlying causes of disease. We believe in educating our patients about their health and wellness, allowing them to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Our Very Own Science Team

Hometown Pharmacy created a team of our top pharmacists and medical minds called our Evolve Wellness Science Team. The Science Team reviews every product for quality, effectiveness, and price before it goes on our shelves. We want to provide the best quality products for our patients at a price they can afford. The Science Team has also created programs for all Hometown Pharmacy pharmacists to implement and offer at our pharmacies across the state to help educate and empower our patients and evolve their health into wellness. We are pharmacists working to help you get OFF of your prescriptions and living a healthier, happier life through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Educate Empower Evolve
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Posted by Tyler Congemi
Tyler Congemi
Tyler works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department as the Digital Media Manager and enjoys spreading factual content that can help individuals make positive strides towards their health! Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!