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February Tip The Scale Recipients

Our monthly Tip The Scale Award recognizes Hometown Pharmacy employees that go the extra mile in serving our communities. Patients, customers, and fellow coworkers can nominate employees that they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the Nomination Form on our website. Each month, we choose 2 employees to feature; an employee nominated by a coworker, and an employee nominated by a customer and/or patient.

Our first recipient this month is Katrina Shemak at our Prescription Services location in Muscoda, WI. Katrina has worked at Hometown Pharmacy for 6 years as a certified Pharmacy Technician.

Katrina was nominated by a customer that actually wrote us a 3.5 page letter praising Katrina and the customer service she delivers at our Muscoda location. The letter was heartfelt and went into great, great, great detail about the time and tenacity Katrina displayed to keep this person as a customer after difficulty with his insurance. The customer summed up his experience with Katrina beautifully with the quote "People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel," - Maya Angelou. 

Katrina says she loves working for Hometown Pharmacy and the independent pharmacy mindset that allows her so much freedom to help her patients appropriately get the care they need. "The customers truly do appreciate us. They are so happy when we help them. That is the joy of the job," she says. "No matter how stressful it gets, when a customer is grateful for everything you've done, that is the reward."

Our second recipient this month for our Tip The Scale Award is Vicktoria O'Dell at Hartland Hometown Pharmacy in Hartland, WI. Vicktoria was nominated by Hartland's pharmacist and partner, Rick Conner, who wrote,

"Vicktoria is much more than a Gift Manager. She is also very involved in the daily operations of the pharmacy. She has taken the time to educated herself on our strategic initiatives like proactive healthcare. Her knowledge of our products has helped our store continuously rank in the Top 3 for certain sales. At the beginning of December, we began piloting Covid-19 rapid antibody and antigen testing. Vicktoria was excited to educate herself on performing these test and has taken the lead to ensure our customers are properly tested. In the first month, we performed almost 200 rapid test and Vicktoria performed many of those tests. Vicktoria also helps educate our patients about the importance of micronutrient testing and joins me during the patient consultation phase. Vicktoria's passion for healthcare as well as her competitiveness to always want to succeed has helped our pharmacy become a proactive healthcare destination to our patients."

Vicktoria was very grateful to receive this award saying, "Helping people really change their lives - not just putting a bandaid on things - I love that. It touches my heart and I truly care about fixing peoples' problems, not just giving them quick fixes."

Thank you both for all that you do for Hometown Pharmacy, your patients, and the communities!

Who will we feature next month? Help us decide! Nominate an employee that has helped you and your loved ones by submitting a Tip The Scale Nomination on our website. Click the button below!

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Posted by Katelyn Lee
Katelyn Lee
Katelyn works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department and enjoys the employee engagement and community outreach portions of her role. Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!