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July Tip The Scale Recipients!

Our monthly Tip The Scale Award recognizes Hometown Pharmacy employees that go the extra mile in serving our communities. Patients, customers, and fellow coworkers can nominate employees that they feel deserves this recognition by filling out the Nomination Form on our website. Each month, we choose 2 employees to feature; an employee nominated by a coworker, and an employee nominated by a customer and/or patient.

Our first recipient this month is Becky Conder. Becky works as a pharmacy technician and floats between Hometown locations helping out where needed. She enjoys being a float because, "I get to go into many different pharmacies and meet all sorts of co-workers and patients. I learn new and better ways of doing things and the pharmacies are always happy to see me since I’m there to help them."

Becky was nominated for this award by one of our pharmacists, Matt McGowan, who said, "Becky has been an absolute savior for our store, for almost a year now...she has gone far, far beyond expectations time and time again to help our store...She is willing to work any shift/hours we ask of her. During this time, she has also been a great trainer/teacher for our technicians who are relatively new."

Matt went on to say, "To me, Becky is an invaluable part of our Hometown family. Her willingness to drive to so many stores, over such a large geographic area, working on different software systems; is absolutely incredible to me as a Pharmacist. She also understands and is willing to learn the Foundations of Wellness, and more importantly, discusses them with our patients. Things have been really, really hard at times, and without Becky helping us out, I think they would have been basically impossible."

Becky also took the time to become certified to immunize and helped administer COVID vaccines. She enjoys helping patients get their shots and seeing how happy they are to get them. "It brighten my day and makes me feel good about myself, being able to help them get closer to “normal,” she says, "I enjoy my job and the last several months have been very rewarding with traveling and helping with Covid vaccinations. It is really nice to be recognized and appreciated for the work you do."

We presented Becky with a certificate, commemorative pin, and a gift card to thank her for her hard work. Thank you Becky for being such a helpful employee to many Wisconsin communities.

Our second recipient this month is Jen Weiland! Jen works at Hometown Prescription Services located in All Saints Assisted Living in Madison, WI.

She was nominated by a couple who wrote, "My wife and I were looking for locations that could administer the COVID vaccine to us. I had contacted Jennifer's location...Her advice and recommendation allowed us to receive a vaccine later that day and we are forever grateful to Jennifer and Hometown Pharmacy in allowing us to receive the vaccine from a Hometown Pharmacy provider. Our experience with Hometown Pharmacy was outstanding and having them in our communities is a godsend and a benefit. Jennifer even followed up with me two days later...Remarkable customer service - Jennifer going above and beyond! Jennifer is a valuable resource to the community and representing Hometown Pharmacy. Thank you so very, very much Jennifer for all you did to help us! We cannot thank you enough!"

Jen was so shocked to read the wonderful testimonial. "I’ve worked for a few different pharmacies, but Hometown really is special. Hometown has such a personal touch and feel and I hope we never lose that and the ability to build relationships with our customers. The amount of trust our patients have in us is remarkable and something I take very seriously. Hometown is truly the best of both pharmacy worlds… independent pharmacies with a community focus, with a dedicated corporate team to keep things running behind the scenes. It’s a very special organization to be a part of!"

We awarded Jen a certificate, commemorative pin, and a gift card to thank her for her hard work and dedication to the community of Madison and the members of the All Saints community as well.

She went on to say, "I consider working at Hometown & specifically All Saints one of the biggest blessings of my career. I deal with a patient population that is exclusively 75+ years old, so there are so many opportunities to help in little ways that make a huge difference to that population. Patients are so genuinely grateful to have their pills split, or eye drop bottles opened so they can actually use them. I hear a lot of “My other pharmacy never did that for me!" It’s so rewarding to take the time to listen to why someone’s shoulder, leg, and foot hurt, and be able to steer them toward the appropriate treatments...At the end of the day, when someone comes in and says, “wow, that product really worked!” or “so-and-so said you could help me with this” … those are the moments that make it all worthwhile. Plus, I get lots of homemade cookies from all my “old ladies”… that doesn’t hurt either! 

Thank you Becky and Jen for your hard work and dedication to your patients and communities. We appreciate you! Who will we feature next month? Help us decide!

Nominate an employee that has helped you and your loved ones by submitting a Tip The Scale Nomination on our website. Click the button below!
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Posted by Katelyn Lee
Katelyn Lee
Katelyn works in Hometown Pharmacy's Marketing Department and enjoys the employee engagement and community outreach portions of her role. Be sure to checkout Hometown's Facebook and Instagram pages to see more great content!